Every citizen has a stake in the success of American policing

Our Mission

The Lynchburg Police Foundation was created to foster this mutually beneficial relationship with our community and promote excellence in police services by delivering on the following:


  • Provide resources to the Lynchburg Police Department, including seed money, equipment and in-kind services, to provide advanced training and encourage the development of innovative programs and projects.


  • Recognize Department members and citizens of the City of Lynchburg by rewarding and promoting outstanding performance throughout the Department and community.


  • Promote and encourage citizen involvement in the activities of the Department through increased communications and prioritization of police services.


  • Provide assistance and support to those serving as police officers in the City of Lynchburg by increasing public awareness of the role of police officers in modern society.

By achieving its mission the Lynchburg Police Foundation will enable the Lynchburg Police Department to better serve the community by:


  • Being responsive to citizen’s concerns through an open dialog and feedback regarding efforts to resolve issues.


  • Projecting a professional image through frequent, positive interaction with members of the community.


  • Soliciting input and assistance from citizens to jointly develop innovative police activities which impact the quality of life within their neighborhoods.

  • Participating in programs that share responsibility with businesses and citizens in the most efficient delivery of police services to the community.


  • Recognizing and encouraging outstanding efforts by citizens and police personnel.

  • Current municipal budgets are insufficient to meet the growing demands on police resources.


  • As in most cities, the largest portion of the Lynchburg Police Department’s (“LPD”) budget goes to salaries and benefits.


  • Effective public safety is dependent on a mutually beneficial relationship between:


    • leaders of the business community

    • active citizen involvement

    • government support

    • a proactive police department.