Individual Membership:
  • Regular – $100 annually
  • Lifetime – $1,000 single payment

All members will receive two stickers to display on their vehicle, home or business acknowledging their support of local law enforcement.

Business Membership:
  • Regular – $150 annually
  • Lifetime – $1,500 single payment

All members will be invited to special events (annual meeting, information sharing sessions, Police Memorial Service, etc.)


As much as we need the police, they need our help as well.  That support means different things to different people.  The Foundation offers different opportunities for you to make a difference in our community.

  • Officer Recognition – Designated contributions/sponsorships to acknowledge service and recognize officers by rewarding and promoting outstanding performance throughout the department and the community.  Opportunities include the Annual Officer Appreciation Event: Officer Dinner Sponsor ($50); Table Sponsor ($500); Presenting Sponsor ($1,500) and our Quarterly Officer Recognition Award ($400).
  • Education – Contributions to fund scholarships for front-line and advanced leadership development which is critical to the long term success of the department.
  • Community Engagement – Contributions to fund activities that bring officers and citizens together to build trust and partnerships in disadvantaged neighborhoods.
  • Specialized Equipment – Contributions for unique items of equipment and advanced technology that support innovative policing programs and enhance officer safety.

For more information on specific opportunities email us at or contact any Board Member.